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A New Career as a Driving Instructor

Most people who join the driver training profession do so having worked previously in another career. Chances are that you have recently retired from your first profession, been made redundant or maybe just feel like a change. Whatever your reason for thinking about becoming a driving instructor you have just taken the first step towards what can be a truly fulfilling occupation.

The good news is that your previous experience is likely to be an advantage, even if it has nothing to do with teaching or driving.  To be a good driving instructor requires a degree of maturity, an ability to relate to a wide range of personalities and, perhaps above all, a passion to help your pupils achieve their aspirations.

Working within the driver training profession you can follow a variety of routes. You might like to work part time teaching a few hours a week, or maybe develop your own driving school.
Perhaps you would prefer to work for a larger organization or join the increasing number of driver trainers who work in the fleet driver training sector, helping to develop the skills of experienced drivers, whatever your ambition the way forward is to qualify as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).
To be an ADI you will have to pass three exams. Part 1 is a test of theoretical knowledge and hazard perception. Part 2 is a test of your driving ability and Part 3 is a test of your ability to teach.
Once you have passed the qualifying exams you will either decide to become an independent driving instructor, in which case you will need to have skills in running a small business, or you may decide to work for a larger organization which means making yourself attractive to a future employer.

Maybe this sounds a bit challenging?  The key to success is to find the right guidance. The Road Safety Solution, an ORDIT registered company, provides the complete package taking you from the first steps through to the start of your new career.

So, what next?  Come and talk to us.  We will take you through the whole process, matching your expectations to the reality to make sure driving instruction really is for you.  With that decision made we will tailor a course of training to suit your needs, so that whether you would like to study while continuing your present job, or train full-time the route to success is the best one for you.

Preparation for the Part 1 exam is a mixture of classroom tuition and home study. Working at home requires motivation. We will provide not only all the study material but also the timetable and encouragement to keep on track.

From the beginning we will be working together to bring your own driving skills up to the required level. Driving to the high standard needed to pass the Part 2 exam not only makes you a safer driver but gives you the confidence to sit in the trainer’s seat and develop the skills of your own pupils.

Part 3, the test of instructional ability, is where many aspiring instructors fail to make the grade. We will ensure that, by the time you take the final exam, you will not only be fully prepared in all the core competencies but will have developed all
the people and business skills necessary to enjoy a long and prosperous future in the driver training industry.
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